"Creators" was established mid 2003 by an ambitious group who enjoy working in the field of advertising. They deemed it a necessity to define their area 'North Lebanon' and its Capital city Tripoli which is mainly surrounded by a large amount of tourist exclusion exposing an expedition of official deprivation on the part of "balanced development'. This place consists of the most beautiful areas in Lebanon also the most important tourism sites and historical cultures such as: the ancient monuments and their past scientists, poets and authors with the cedar trees as their symbol and the beauty of the nearby islands also Joubran and Tripoli's museum with all its different cultures.

"Creators" deals with both the tourist and education ministries and Tripoli municipality to spread tourism awareness. It also presents advertising and entertainment services for many important companies and organizations in their various specializations.

Many methods of advertising are currently being used such as: flyers, booklets, posters and CD's all for the purpose of making people more aware of Lebanon and its surroundings. Furthermore, many corporations in Tripoli are developing on a wide scale as a result of support, commercial guidance and marketing. Today, Creators is working on setting up programs, activities and projects to promote and develop the tourism economy through its connections in this field.

"Creators" has developed its activity through the variety of services that it offers and by its professional staff.